Event MC Jesse Mulligan at it again

Comedian and event MC Jesse Mulligan has had an excellent couple of months. He’s been particularly buoyed by the success with which his last ‘news’ story bolstered his website’s google ranking and as such he doesn’t have much choice but to write another one.

Event MC Jesse Mulligan finished a busy year of hosting by acting as comedy MC of the 2014 Moas – The New Zealand Movie Awards. The awards were streamed live on the Herald website, but Jesse isn’t sure how much the audience were miked up so if you watched him doing his opening monologue and couldn’t hear any reaction it’s probably just a technical thing. Unless you mean the Te Karere joke in which there was actually no reaction.

The following week broadcaster Jesse Mulligan appeared as a guest on Radio New Zealand National’s Christmas edition of The Panel. His job was to supply a couple of witty answers to some topical questions from other panelists, but he got way too distracted by the finger food and why nobody was eating it, and ended up spending most of the afternoon tweeting pictures of full plates of prawn skewers. What’s with the intellectual types that they’re not into free food?

Radio announcer Jesse Mulligan continues to fill in on various RNZ National shows, often in the Afternoons and, soon, on Waitangi Day and Anzac Day mornings.

Writer and comedian Jesse Mulligan also has a new job writing jokes for the Sunday Star-Times. You’ll see his picture on the back of the front section, along with a wrap up of the week’s news and a few rye observations. The sensible way to write this weekly wrap up would be to do a little bit each day, rather than writing it all under stress on a Friday morning. But do you think that happens?

Anyway, Mulligan took over from New Zealand’s greatest comic writer Steve Braunias who moved to the Herald. Is it a good career move to take over the job of somebody who’s the best in the country at what they do? Before you answer, consider this: what was the name of the Chicago Bulls shooting guard who took over from Michael Jordan?

You’re going to kick yourself!

Pete Myers.

So okay, nobody’s wearing Air Pete’s. But somebody had to do the job, and by all accounts Myers was very competent. That’s what humour writer Jesse Mulligan is aiming for in the Sunday Star-Times: to be memorably competent.

MC Jesse Mulligan was to fly to Singapore in January to host Air New Zealand’s new route to the city-state. However the event was postponed due to some not very good aviation news in the general area, and this fancy dinner will now take place in March instead.

In late February TV presenter Jesse Mulligan will begin a new series of Best Bits, on TV One 9.30pm Thursdays. The show features Mulligan as host and four comedians on the panel, making fun of the week’s TV highlights. The show had strong ratings in 2014 and will look to build on these when it kicks off as part of TVNZ’s New Season on February 26.

Until then writer Jesse Mulligan will be filing his weekly New Idea column, his weekly Sunday Star-Times column and his monthly restaurant review in Metro magazine. And there are several fun events as well – Jesse Mulligan will take part in a table read of the terrible movie Grown Ups 2 as part of the finale episodes of podcast The Worst Idea Ever, and he’ll head to Hamilton to take part in a panel discussion on comedy writing alongside Toby Manhire and Joshua Drummond, as part of the Hamilton Gardens Festival.

Jesse Mulligan would like to reiterate how tremendously sorry he is to write in the above style at such length, but content like this is apparently the only way to ensure that when you google “Jesse Mulligan” you see this page before you see the page about a show he hosted on TV3 four years ago. Thank you for listening.

MC and event host Jesse Mulligan tries to improve his ranking

Comedian and MC Jesse Mulligan has had a busy few months, hosting events, performing comedy and learning how to write about himself in the third person in articles of 500-800 words to help improve his google ranking.


In late October Jesse Mulligan was the host of a series of Spark Christmas roadshows, around the country, in which he was MC and performed comedy. The events were an opportunity for Spark retailers to learn more about the brand’s Christmas offering, and an opportunity for Jesse Mulligan to refer to himself as ‘me’, rather than writing his entire name every time the subject of himself came up.


On November 6th he was MC of the Deloitte Fast 50 Festival, in which the 50 fastest growing companies in New Zealand are recognised at a special event in Auckland. Jesse Mulligan enjoyed mixing with and performing comedy for the wide range of business people who attended, none of whom asked him to use the word comedy every time he spoke in order that it register as a key word for search engines.


The following night he travelled to Hamilton to host the Westpac Waikato Business Excellence Awards, at which he not only was MC, but performed a longer comedy set later in the evening. His cohost was TV3 star Samantha Hayes, who probably doesn’t have to worry about writing regular blog posts for her website as she’s the sort of person event organisers will spend as long as it takes to find on Google, and then possibly walk on broken glass afterwards if she asks them to.


Restaurant reviewer Jesse Mulligan also had to do a lot of eating during November. The food writer visited The Black Hoof in Auckland’s CBD and The Crew Club on the waterfront – the former appeared in December’s Metro magazine and the latter will appear in the January issue.


Former radio broadcaster Jesse Mulligan has hosted several shifts on Radio New Zealand National recently, mostly in the afternoons as fill in for regular host Simon Mercep. Mulligan also does a regular interview spot on Kiwi FM on Monday mornings with Charlotte Ryan, in which he talks about food.


Speaking of food, Jesse writes about food and travel for the New Zealand Herald Travel supplement. He’s recently travelled to Hong Kong, Macau and Sydney and written about all of them, though only the Macau story has yet appeared in print. Food writer Mulligan uses a lot of humour in his travel articles and restaurant reviews, which helps with readability and stops the stories becoming merely long lists of food and ingredients.


TV presenter Jesse Mulligan scripted and appeared in the TVNZ New Season Launch on November 12th. This event is an annual showcase of the best of the broadcaster’s television schedule for the coming year. Mulligan’s comedy show Best Bits will return in 2015, and he has been involved in a number of other comedy pilots for TV One.


The following day Jesse Mulligan was the MC of an all day conference-style staff day for Mighty River Power, the first time all MRP staff had been gathered in one room. Jesse Mulligan used humour and various other tricks to keep the crowd entertained throughout the day, and at no point started weirdly listing all the things he’d done in the previous 30 days, which was a relief.


That night, Jesse Mulligan hosted the opening gala dinner at Taste Auckland. A mixture of food and comedy, the event was perfectly suited to his skills and was a lot of fun despite the terrible weather guests had to contend with. It’s important to point out that all of these events actually happened and that Mulligan genuinely did do all these things – he’s only gently taking the piss in the way he writes about them to stop himself going crazy writing 500-800 words about a bunch of event MC, comedy and food related work he’s been doing.


That weekend Jesse went to the Coromandel with his family but that’s not going to help you find him on Google, so that’s all that needs to be said about that.


On the 19th of November Jesse Mulligan was MC of a full day conference and training day at Air New Zealand, where he used humour and personality to help new staff through an eight hour induction session. Mulligan enjoyed hosting this very much and learnt a lot about this iconic New Zealand brand. He’s learnt a lot about SEO lately too, though this to be fair has not been quite so enjoyable.


The following day Jesse Mulligan worked on a TV pilot for a new comedy show which he hosted. He’d like to tell you more but it’s top secret and also he’s reached his 800 words and the event host and mc and comedian and food writer has sore fingers.

Jesse Mulligan writes food lover’s guide to Portland

Jesse Mulligan has written a guide to eating and drinking in Portland, Oregon. The guide appeared in the New Zealand Herald Travel magazine on Tuesday 21 October.

Mulligan visited Portland in August on honeymoon with his wife Victoria. The two of them ate and drank at almost 50 bars and restaurants across the hip West Coast city, and Mulligan has compiled their best experiences into this helpful guide.

He lists pickles, fermented foods and kombucha as three culinary experiences to enjoy in Portland. There are also tips on where to find the best donuts, ice cream and burgers.

Jesse Mulligan to host Waikato Business Awards

Jesse Mulligan will host the Westpac Waikato Business Awards on Friday 7 November at Claudelands Event Centre in Hamilton. His cohost will be TV3 journalist and presenter Samantha Hayes.

Jesse will return to his hometown for the event, which celebrates the most successful businesses in the Waikato region over the past 12 months. He’ll also perform a comedy routine to add some entertainment to what promises to be an excellent and celebratory night out for local business people.

Mayor Julie Hardaker is expected to attend the event, along with Auckland Chamber of Commerce head Michael Bassett. It’ll be the second big event Jesse has MCed in Hamilton recently: he hosted a retail roadshow for Spark on Monday, welcoming frontline staff to the Christmas retail season.

Jesse Mulligan travelling to Hong Kong for Food Fest

Jesse Mulligan will travel to Hong Kong in November as a guest of the HK Tourism Board, to explore the city’s exciting food scene. He’ll be attending the Wine and Dine Festival, a week long celebration of food, wine and live entertainment. He’ll then travel to Macau, where he’ll experience the unique mix of Asian and Portuguese influences that make up the cuisine of this tiny nation.

Mulligan will write about the cuisine of both countries in New Zealand Herald’s Travel magazine. Mulligan has previously written about Manhattan Beach for the magazine, as well as stories on Napa Valley’s The French Laundry and the World Top 100 Restaurant list.

Jesse Mulligan to host third season of Best Bits

TV One’s hit comedy Best Bits will return for a third season in 2015, hosted by Jesse Mulligan. The panel show screened Thursdays at 9.30pm in 2014, and featured four comedians making fun of the week in TV. It gained a strong viewership, and a huge online presence with clips from the show being viewed by hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders via facebook and Twitter. Jesse Mulligan was the host of season two and will return as host in 2015.