Chasing Garry Shandling by VCR, YouTube, Twitter and fax: Jesse Mulligan on his comedy hero

For three decades, Jesse Mulligan has followed his favourite comedian to the point of obsession via every available medium, facsimile included. On Garry Shandling, who has died at 66

Before YouTube, it was so much harder to follow the careers of the comedians you loved. I’d fallen hard for the comedy of Garry Shandling when TV2 played his sitcom It’s Garry Shandling’s Show late on a Saturday night, and when the series disappeared (four seasons, Wikipedia tells me, though I can’t believe we got more than one or two), Garry disappeared here, too. In the States he was still guest hosting the Tonight Show and doing comedy specials but in New Zealand it was like he’d never existed.


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