Orphan’s Kitchen


Ahh, Ponsonby Rd. For a couple of years, New Zealand’s most stylish street fell deeply and, it seemed, irreversibly out of fashion. Lunching al fresco at a table near Craig Parker must have been exciting 15 years ago but, by 2011, Ponsonby dining options were hard to love. You could always find a park, but you didn’t always want one.

Then things picked up. Moochowchow opened with a waiting list some people are still on. Tin Soldier fed the spillover crowd before Blue Breeze Inn, Mekong Baby and Late Night Diner arrived. Ponsonby Road Bistro and Sidart sparkled anew. And now here is Orphans Kitchen, fresh, fun and friendly. The hill is alive with the sound of cutlery, and life is beautiful again.

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