Restaurant Reviews by Jesse Mulligan

Having reviewed restaurants for Metro magazine for the past five years, in between hosting TV and radio shows, Viva eating out editor Jesse Mulligan knows his way around a menu.

Restaurant Review: Ortolana
This is for Viva’s winter fashion issue and as such I’m obliged to share the contribution I made to our fashion industry some years ago in Wellington. I was in a bar and bought a drink for a young design student named Kathryn Wilson, who told me she dreamed of becoming a shoe designer.
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Restaurant Review: Tokyo Bay
I visited Tokyo Bay with three nervous men, friends of mine who, like me, are at a stage of life where skipping domestic duties for a boozy meal in the sun is an incredibly high-risk move.
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Restaurant Review: Better Burger
Make no mistake, Viva reader, in an ideal world I would not be celebrating my second week as eating out editor for New Zealand’s most stylish weekly magazine by writing a review of McDonald’s.
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Restaurant Review: Phil’s Kitchen
Though Auckland these days has a new restaurant opening each week, and most of them are solidly nice places to eat, Phil’s is something different. The food is ambitious and delicious, and the people who work there are so adorably enthusiastic that when you leave you want to run out and tell everybody in Auckland about it. Fortunately, that’s my job.
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